Thursday 18th Sorry No group today

Sorry No Little Owls today due to family illness we are unable to run the group today 



Thursday 18th

Hi all,

This week we will have a tresure basket for the babies to explore, and free collage as our craft activity. We will of course also have play dough and our usally play areas.

Hope you can Join us

Sue 😊

Thursday 11.01.18

Hi all,

We are looking forward to being back this Thursday, hope you can join us. We will have all of our usual play areas with doily “snow flakes” and play dough as our craft this week.

Look forward to seeing you

Thursday 21st December

This will be our last session this year, and as such will be a little different.

There will be no craft this week, but there will be christmas colouring sheets and play dough.
Some of our play areas will be changed to accommodate our guest, yes Father Christmas will be paying us a visit.
He does ask please that children sit next to him rather than on his knee. He will have a gift for each child and we will take a photograph of them together for you to take home.

We thank you for your support throughout the year and look forward to seeing you on Thursday. We will be having a two week break before starting again on January 11th

We want to wish every one a Happy Christmas and New year.


Thursday 14th December 2017

Hi all

So close to Christmas now! We will have a Christmas basket in the baby area for the babies to explore and our play dough will be festive with some gitttler (you can never have to much gittler at Christmas)
All our nomal areas will also be availble with a craft activity of calendars.

Hope you can join us

Thursday 7th December 2017

Hi all,
We will be continuing our Christmas crafts with a small gift to make for someone special, we of course still have our popular play dough and all our other areas of play. This week we will have a Christmas Baskets for the babies to explore.

Hope you can join us

Thursday 30th November

Hi all,

as we head into December this week we will be carring on with our Christmas crafts decarating ballbals, we will of course have play dough to expore and all our other areas will be able too. With the senory basket for the babies to discover.

Hope you can join us